Course: Intermediate Bridal Hair (Level 2)

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Entry Requirement: Minimum level 2 Beauty Therapy or Hairdressing Qualification


Learn from over 150 hairstyle tutorials on the online bridal hair course, so there’s lots to learn

You’ll find out, for example, how to work with different hair lengths and how to create styles for different hair types, including curly girl and Afro hairstyles.

Learn about hair prep, health and safety and contra indications and on successful completion of this course you will be able to enrol on our Certified Bridal Hair Course and so get professional insurance. .root .lift

This Course Includes

  • Over 80 videos
  • 8 Exams / Assignments

Course Modules

  • Health & Safety
  • Hair Analysis
  • Hair Prep
  • Textured & Smooth Hair Styles
  • Working with extensions & padding
  • Plaits & Braids
  • Blow-drying Techniques
  • Working with your clients

Hairstyling tutorials include

  • Hair Prep
  • Half-up Styles
  • hort & Long Hair
  • Braids
  • Soft Curls
  • Hair Extensions & Padding
  • Beachy Waves
  • Texture Hair Prep
  • Straight & Wavy Hair
  • Hollywood Waves
  • Curly Blow Dry
  • Natural Curls
  • Low & High Buns
  • Straight Blow Dry
  • Afro Hair
  • Tongs/Hot Rollers/Straighteners
  • Victoria Sectret Blow Dry
  • Fine Hair & Thick Hair

Level 2, CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirements.

This, “Intermediate”, course covers all the components included in our “Introduction to Bridal Hair” (1.1, 2.1 and 2.2).

One of the most important components of both courses is the Health and Safety module (1.1), because it is a Habia requirement (CPD level 2), and a certificate can only be given if the Health and Safety is sucessfully completed.

If you have previously completed our “Introduction to Bridal Hair” we will already have your exam submission for the Health and Safety component of the course, so if you are doing the “Intermediate” course you can skip the Health and Safety section.