Exam Paper: Health & Safety, Part 2

Please Read Carefully

The questions laid out here are the written part of this module: we recommend that you read these questions through so that you become familiar with them but do not fill them in until you have completed your practical styling.

When you are ready to submit your work, come back to these questions and fill them in before sending to us for grading.

We will confirm receipt of all submissions as soon as we receive them.


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    Q1 You will be working with heated rollers, tongs, hair dryers etc, what steps do you need to take to ensure your work station is clean and safe at all times?

    Q2 Explain how you can ensure your hair tools are kept clean and hygienic.

    Q3 How often should you get your electrical equipment tested by a qualified electrician (PAT TESTING)?

    Q4 Identify six hazards found in your work place, for example in a hairdressing salon / working place.

    Q5 Identify three ways to reduce risks in your work place.

    Q6 List three safe working practices with reference to your work with clients.

    Q7 List three working policies (regulations / legislation) that you need to comply with.

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