Exam Paper 6

Please Read Carefully

The questions laid out here are the written part of this module: we recommend that you read these questions through so that you become familiar with them but do not fill them in until you have completed your practical styling.

When you are ready to submit your work, come back to these questions and fill them in before sending to us for grading.

We will confirm receipt of all submissions as soon as we receive them.


    First name:


    Q1 Why is it important to analyse your clients hair type before styling?

    Q2 Why it is important to use the correct hair products for your clients hair type?

    Q3 Why is it preferable to work with hair that has not just been washed?

    Q4 How long should you allow for the trial run?

    Q5 How do you work out the timings for the big day?

    Q6 Ideally, when should a client wash their hair for the wedding day?

    Q7 Your client has naturally curly hair, explain what you would suggest at the trial run?

    Q8 a) Identify your own hair type, b) identify the shape of your own face and c) suggest at least 2 hair styles that would suit your face shape.

    Q9 The bride is waiting for you to create her wedding day hairstyle but one of the bridesmaids isn't happy with the style you have created, do you:

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