Exam Paper: Hair Analysis (M 2.1)

This is an exam paper covering the modules required before beginning the Habia recognised courses. They are a level 2, CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirement.

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You must answer each question correctly in order to pass this module.

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    First name:


    Q1 Contra-indication & Contra-action

    A What is a contra-indication?

    B What is a contra-action

    C Your clients' hair is infested with nits, do you (pick one option from the following three):

    Q2 In terms of contra-indication and contra-action, it is important to carry out a skin sensitivity test. Give two other pre-treatment hair tests that are often undertaken by a professional hairdresser?

    Q3 Potential client allergies:
    a List 5 possible allergies one should consider in relation to hair treatments.

    b How can you avoid causing a reaction whilst working?


    Q4 The hair shaft is composed of what important protein?

    Q5 Choose the correct order of the hair growth cycle for the first 3 stages?

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